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What prevents Sargent from proving himself in F1?

It was Capito who was at the helm of Williams F1 at the moment when the team took Logan Sargent into its composition. Initially, he was supposed to spend two seasons in Formula 2, but the progress of the young driver in 2022 convinced the team that he was ready for his debut. 

Now we can say that the decision was still premature. Logan can't keep up with his partner Alex Elbon, the American often hits cars, and the continuation of his career causes serious concerns in the paddock. 

According to the former head of Williams, Logan's not the most successful performances are a consequence of the fact that the racer has lost an important quality that helped him a lot on his way to F1.  

This is how Jost explained it in an interview with our colleagues from the German editorial office : "Last year in Formula 2, and the year before that, he was getting stronger and stronger just when he felt the pressure. This is an example when the pressure really inspired. 

But I have the impression that nothing like this is happening now. On the contrary, in such a situation, he began to make mistakes more often. In Saturday's qualifying [the Japanese Grand Prix], he stayed on Alex Elbon's schedule until the very last corner, but he made a mistake there. At the same time, his progress is noticeable in terms of pace." 

Apparently, in order to allow him to open up and support, now it is necessary to completely relieve pressure from him. I should probably say, "Man, listen. You have to drive fast and show your speed. But if something happens, there will be no drama in it." 

It is clear that the issue of budget limits is also imposed here. But I believe that if you encourage a young pilot, he will breathe more freely and make fewer mistakes." 

Sargent has not yet guaranteed himself the continuation of performances in F1, but the current heads of Williams positively assess his prospects.

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