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Leclair supported the experiment with tire distribution at the Hungarian Grand Prix

Ferrari's driver, Charles Leclerc, shared his thoughts on the alternative tire distribution experiment conducted during the Hungarian Grand Prix. During the second training session, the Monegasque driver showcased a strong performance, setting the best time.

Reflecting on the practice sessions, Leclerc acknowledged the challenge of assessing the true balance of power. With the introduction of the new format, the team explored various strategies. Regarding the tire experiment, Leclerc expressed positivity, stating that although they were uncertain about their performance in qualifying, the overall feeling was good and exciting. He also noted that their main competitor, Max Verstappen, used only one set of tires in the second practice, suggesting they might be strong contenders again.

Leclerc emphasized the need to focus on their own improvements and to address areas where the car can perform better. In some corners, he experienced a lack of confidence and was aware of the aspects that required attention.

The tire distribution experiment for qualifying involves using hard tires in the first segment, medium tires in the second segment, and soft tires in the third, provided the track remains dry. This approach also allows for two sets of dry tires to be saved compared to the traditional format, using only 11 sets instead of 13.

Leclerc highlighted that Ferrari's car struggles with wind resistance, making it the weakest car in this aspect among all Formula 1 teams. He referenced the recent race at Silverstone, where windy conditions exposed this weakness. However, he mentioned that the team had made progress in addressing the issue.

The Hungarian track was considered more suitable for their car on paper, but Leclerc acknowledged that surprises from other teams were common in Formula 1, making predictions uncertain. He reflected on their experience at Silverstone, where Saturday's performance met their expectations, but Sunday's results fell short due to their difficulties with windy conditions.

Ultimately, Leclerc emphasized that windy conditions had a significant impact on Ferrari's performance, more so than on any other car on the starting grid. Despite the challenges, the team remained determined to overcome their weaknesses and strive for better results.

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